Monday, July 28, 2008

First Dilemma

How do you go about setting up a blog and why? I'm a mother of three boys who works, takes care of everybody and is too tired to add another "to do" to her list. But sharing some of life's decisions may just make someone else's life a little simpler. So the dilemma of whether to blog or not to blog has just been answered.

I know there's a primer somewhere, but that "to do" list is too long to wade through it. So, I'll give you the bullet points of how I got started. I found it was pretty easy actually.

1. I read a friend's "blog" to see how her newly covered dining room chairs turned out. In the corner was an option to "Create Blog." I clicked it.

2. I had to set up a G-mail account.

3. I went back to the "Create Blog" set up and followed the instructions.

4. That brought me here.

Hopefully future content will be more resourceful. But, for now, first dilemma solved!

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